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Life is life, and it will continue that way. Some people have it easier than others; some will know nothing more than suffering and strife; some are born wealthy and won't ever work a single day of their life. However, this is my reality, as fictitious as it may seem. I only hope and pray that I can reach as many others in the process, and save them from all of the mistakes I have been lucky enough to live through this time around.

Fictitiously Nonfiction

SKU: 9789360946241
  • Author's Name: ~repus

    About the Author: I am simply another old soul reminiscing on the past and looking for a future. My works are nonfiction, but I adore imagery to the point that you might find yourself wondering if my stories really happened, or were just figments of a collective imagination. I just hope I can prevent others from making the same mistakes I have in this cycle of life, and saving them from themselves as well.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946241
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