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Description of the Book:


The curated collection of poems in this volume represents a small portion of the poems that have come to me over the last two years.

I chose the concept of ‘Fears to Feathers’ because it captures the essence of what we need in this time of transition as we seek the path to what’s next.

I hope these poems help transform your own fears to feathers, allowing you to fly into the future with confidence and ease.

Fears to Feathers

SKU: 9789358318944
  • Author's Name: Ruth Glendining

    About the Author: Based in Austin Texas, Ruth works to identify & activate sense making tools for the unfolding future. Language is her technology of choice, using words to capture the unlimited potential of storytelling to change the world. An avid reader and observer of the world, poetry came to her late in her journey. Since answering the muse's call in 2021, she has written 1000 poems, emerging the 'Fears to Feathers' message. All of these poems will be used in the online course she's developing for folks who want to transform their own fears to feathers.
    Book ISBN: 9789358318944
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