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Description of the Book:

From war to walks in the rain, everything goes back to a simple instigation of human emotion. Sometimes it's anger, sometimes it's misery, sometimes it's greed. But everything can be traced back to one emotion or another. Sometimes they result in good, sometimes they don't. Perhaps trying to unfurl them is a mistake. But we won't know until we try. This book is one such small effort to make sense of human emotion and conflict and the picture it paints.


  • Author's Name: Izzie. H
    About the Author:  Writing with her alias, Izzie. H is an excellent poetess with a prowess for presenting emotions and inner conflict in a way everyone can empathise with. As a student of only 19 years, she's just another girl trying to make sense of the world around her while also growing up herself. Given a chance, she most definitely will run away to a castle on top of the hills and spend the rest of her lifetime picking flowers and reading. Since she can't make that happen in her reality, she makes it possible through the metaphors in her writing.


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