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Description of the Book:

Have you ever wondered how it feels to be in love with a military guy? Are they as tough as they are projected to be or do, they feel the same love as we do? These 21 poems in her book will take you on an emotional ride on how the bittersweet pain of distance feels when one loves a Fauji. In her own words, she wishes to show you her world as she pens down the depth of emotions and love for her man.

Faujan: Pink in his world of camouflage

  • Author Name:  Shania Sarabhai
    About the Author: Working currently as a Market Analyst in Bengaluru, Shania Sarabhai always aspired to be an author. Having a military background and moving around all her life, she started writing poems and short stories from a young age to incorporate the feels, emotions of many people she met along her journey. When she isn’t working on client reports, she’s daydreaming about her Fauji, playing video games, or receiving bestselling author awards in her shower. Her stories and poems talk about the love and wistfulness one feels in a longdistance relationship with a military guy.
    Book ISBN: 9788537293881


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