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Description of the Book:

Fancy ramblings of a rusty heart is a chapbook with collection of poetry about imagination, life, relationships, nature and God . The poems take the readers through a journey filled with sentiments and nostalgia. It talks about life's little pleasures and unpleasantness and how both goes hand in hand to make it worth living.

Fancy ramblings of a rusty heart

  • Author Name: Minakshi Thapa
    About the Author: Minakshi Thapa a chionophile by nature and a former oncology nurse, was born and brought up in Arunachal Pradesh. Being the daughter of a mother who taught English literature, she was influenced early in life to explore the beautiful world of poetry and literature. She juggles in between her household chores to work part time as a subject matter expert in Rafiki International and part time as an appreciator of nature and its wonders. She writes poetries almost every day and believes this book will help other undiscovered poets to ignite their passion for writing and publishing their individual poetry collections as well.
    Book ISBN: 9789394136823


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