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Description of the Book:

This book is a collection of simple poems, where the writer writes about the ill-fated love experience, hiding of the true self and about giving hope etc. All poems written based on the life experiences of the writer's friends & family.

Fading Lantern

  • Author Name: Reuben RT
    About the Author: The author Reuben RT hails from the north-eastern part of India, a green State called Mizoram. He marked his existence in this world on 7th Feb 2000 at Aizawl and has lived in different states of India because of his father's work. Reuben has encountered and learnt several cultural values ranging from Lucknow to central part of India Jabalpur and also to states closer to home such as Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Since he and his family have to settle in certain spaces, Reuben is the one we can call someone who does not socialise much and couldn't have much friends whom he can call close ones. However, turning his adversity and mischance, he have come up to write his journey in paper and aspire to become a writer, inking down his thoughts and beliefs.


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