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Description of the book:

Periodic writing was my style which was only a part of my burned journals. A writer whose courage was feeble enough to share her emotions to the world out there but then she realized that it is not just for her but many people like her are trying really hard to hold onto themselves and through this book she wants to shout out loud to them that you are not alone and we are all together in this. One incident happening in life is not the end rather it is mere a chapter of life and your destiny is waiting for you to fight through this to achieve what you are born for. This book will give my readers an understanding of Faith, Love, Pain, Expectations, sham and most importantly hope. Hope to strengthen their sanity and empathize to those in a much worse state. In this book you will find a woman who is feeling connected to Lord Krishna because she finds that unconditional, then there is pain of being in love, loosing your most loved one. And most importantly you might feel that sadness never lasts long because you are a born fighter to turn it into good days.


  • Author Name: KRITI
    About the Author: Every individual has a story of its own and I was never a born writer but when I began to see through people their deepest emotion, I was bound to write. Everything was so raw, carefree and true. I am an Advocate by profession and there is one thing I realised that writing makes me more alive. It gives me hope and allow me to cope up with all the sufferings this stage, our life offers. In all 26 years, like our peers my life was also trembling around many new and forgotten characters who taught me lessons on every step of my life. I learned that pain isn’t the end and next moment I found my strength in writing. I feel that we survive because we have strength to hold on to the good, the ray of hope which will be there after every dark night. And I shall always wait for that bright sunny morning to rescue from failure.


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