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Have you ever wanted to understand the inner thoughts of a 7 year old? What exactly goes on in their brains? How do they have endless energy without the need for a nap during the day? How are they able to absorb everything around them so quickly, be a child one second, then spurt out wisdom of a 68 year old the next second? This book gives you an insider look into what goes on in the head of an average 7 year old that lives in New York City. Full of extraordinary thoughts and surprising revelations, Exquisite Poems of a 7 Year Old will have you marveling at all the children around you.

Exquisite Poems of a 7 Year Old

SKU: 9789358314366
  • Author's Name: Remi Kou
    About the Author: Remi Kou is a 7-year old from New York City. His favorite seasons are Spring when everything comes alive and Autumn when the color of the leaves are vibrant. In his free time, Remi enjoys building Lego, playing Minecraft, and staying active through baseball and swimming. Remi has a little brother that he loves very much. When walking the streets of New York, he loves to car spot and point out Lamborghinis. His favorite fruit to devour is a nice plump golden kiwi. Remi is a budding violinist and hopes that you will hear him perform one day.
    Book ISBN: 9789358314366
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