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Description of the Book :


The poetry in this book is a combination of my pain and experiences as a child and throughout my life to where I am now as an Adult. This book is the reflection of my emotions through those experiences while growing up in my environment. This poetry reflects and speaks to pain, love, adversity, inspiration, and motivation, which is a part of the Human experience through the expressions of the invisible voice from within me. I found along the way, the Arts in all forms is how I'm able to express myself best and in this case, having my thoughts and emotions transfer from my mind to paper. I hope every reader can feel these words and take something and gain a little piece of inspiration from my life and self-expression through poetry.

Expressions Of The Invisible Voice Within

  • Author's Name : Tashika J. Moore
    About the Author : Tashika J. Moore was born in Zephyrhills, FL, and raised in Dade City, FL. She currently resides in LakeLand, FL., with her Husband and their three boys. Tashika graduated from the University of Phoenix with a Bachelor's in Psychology and is now a social worker. She also attended acting school and has been an actress since 2016. When she is not busy being a wife, mother, working, or acting, she runs a successful travel business. She has an amazing personality, Quick-witted, and will light up any room she enters. This Book is her first, of many to come.
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