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Description of the Book:

This book is a compilation of 20 short poems. There is no specific theme associated with this book but the original aim was just to write. The background varies from poem to poem. Some were written during the times of extreme distress, some in the middle of the night while some were written with sheer gratitude for life. But one point that I can say with confidence is that you will be able to relate to each one of them.


  • Author's Name: Nikhil Saxena
    About the Author: Nikhil Saxena is an engineer by profession who has great respect and admiration for people. He loves to hold long discussions with people on the topic of life and feels that one can enjoy it only when one expresses oneself to the fullest. On his quest to become a writer, he could finally find solace in poetry and has come up with this short collection of poems which are extracts from his own life.
    Book ISBN: 9781005396596


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