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Description of the Book :


The book "Expression of Heartbreak" that you have in your hands, is a book about raw and authentic emotions I felt as I experienced many forms of "love" throughout my life. Love is not toxic, and yet so many opinions on love show and tell us that it's ok to be loved that way. Love is not manipulating, controlling or hurtful words and actions. Love is freedom and growth of self. Love is unconditional and helps you rise above the storms of life. True love is a path less travelled in this day and age, as so many of us are scared and broken.. Trust the process of your life's journey to healing and along the way you will find the value of self acceptance, self worth, self love, self confidence and expression. All these things come as we learn to break free and truly forgive ourselves and those who have taught us and wronged us.

Expression of Heartbreak

  • Author's Name :  Sarah Incoll
    About the Author :  Sarah is a multi-talented creative soul who has had poetry in her heart for 20 years. She has strong values around family, health and Christian living and enjoys connecting with her community as well as quiet time in nature. Sarah has a strong desire to teach and empower women and children in all areas of life and through the written word helps inspire others to keep moving forward even when times are tough. She is a true Earth Angel!!
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