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Description of the Book:


To feel is what sets us humans apart from all other. These poems are an ode to that plethora of emotions that everyone might experience. It is to the silver lining that we all pray for. We all feel despair and loneliness, but we all fight our own little battles every day and emerge winners. This is to the hope that keeps hearth alive. It is to the celebration of life. The moments of happiness that etch themselves in our memory and become our strength. Most of all it is to the people who stand with us throughout. Family, friends, loved ones with whom this world is definitely a better place.


SKU: 9789360942984
  • Author's Name: Gauri Goswami

    About the Author: I, Dr Gauri Goswami am a pulmonologist by day and an avid reader and writer by night. I love travelling, exploring new places and culture to expand my knowledge. I am ever grateful to my wonderful parents who introduced me to the joy of writing and provided me with this wonderful platform to express my thoughts.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942984
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