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Description of the Book:


A collection of short and sweet rhyming poems that are sure to make you think.

All poems come from the heart and are based on real life events, that many people can relate to.

Experience Redefining to Find that Silver Lining

SKU: 9789358319989
  • Author's Name: Catriona McDonald

    About the Author The author of this book is giving up overthinking, for the foreseeable future. Sorry, bad punctuation... * The author of this book is giving up, overthinking for the foreseeable future. As soon as I got a beige noisy Dial up 90's modem computer (that had separate flimsy speakers that let you know when you where about to receive a text) I immediately started to write blogs about animal rights and political wars. Although I remain passionate in my quest for justice and truth regarding the above topics. I really wanted to really tap into my creativity and midlife crisis and see where it takes me. (It manifested this book)
    Book ISBN: 9789358319989
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