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Description of the Book :


This is a collection of poems and pieces collected over years of growing amidst the modern day chaos, trying to fit in yet holding on to the old pieces of kindness, love and honesty. It portrays the feelings that people feel while breaking apart but fail to acknowledge. These poems are to enable the unexpressed emotions to be accepted and felt.

Excerpts from an Overthinker's Heart

  • Author's Name : Sukanya Bhattacharyya
    About the Author : I am born and brought up in India. I have been writing since I was in school, since I was 14 years old. It has been one of my oldest hobbies, something I keep going back to every now and then. Even though I had the option of pursuing a career in English and in writing, I chose to keep it a hobby close to my heart. In this collection of poems I am trying to bring back, all I have ever written. It is a wholesome read for the broken yet stronger than before audience.
    Book ISBN : 9798430192075
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