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Description of the Book:


A motivational journey for the self discovery is what Evolve is all about. A rythmic representation of our life helps us feel not only connected but also motivated to march ahead passionately in the journey of life . My endeavour is to do it hand in hand helping each other to evolve and recreate . It d a close depiction of heartfelt feelings expressed in a very simple way.


SKU: 9789360943790
  • Author's Name: Dr Ritu Kela

    About the Author: Nominated as one of most powerful 100 women on a National platform, Dr Ritu Kela is a renowned Psychologist with a proficiency in counselling and guidance for all ages. With a motive to touch human life soulfully , Dr Ritu Kela paved a pathway in the field to help as many souls as she can with her best efforts to create a positive impact in the society
    Book ISBN: 9789360943790
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