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Description of the Book :


The very talented writer Lewis esse, erupts on to the mainstream poetry platform with his debut book. `Even sweetness knows Demons’, is a collection of thoughts provoked by his past and present private life…stirred up in his mind, expressing moods of different kinds. Mental struggles and darkness hold self belief prisoner, as they chillingly howl from the shadows of his soul, going head to head with melodies and angelic light of euphoric love, a long standing battle of the heart and mind. the harrowing abnormalities and complications of his childhood give a reason to the darker side of his poetry, and is also the primary reason as to why it has taken so many years for the world to be blessed with open access into his truly unique, and impressive mind. Never before has such a fragile soul produced writings with so much power; .. And intimacy, this is where the writings of Lewis’s loving relationships, needs and wants present themselves, showing that as sensitive as he can be, The loving side of his mind often fantasises on thoughts created by it’s cunning antagonist. A must read for anyone who connects with pain, passion and lust, put simply.. if you are human.. this book is for you!

Even sweetness knows Demons

  • Author's Name : Lewis Esse 
    About the Author : Raised in a house full of trauma, paranoia and fear.. has never felt free to talk about feelings, writing them down instead is his preferred release. Now as a man who has a family of his own, is focused on making a better childhood for his two sons, the only thing that he wishes they never do better than him.. is to write about pain. Lewis’s life lacked a sense of self purpose.. until he met the mother of his children, who gave him love to build upon.. and build is what he has done, with a strong knowledge of different trades learnt from working within the building services industry,he has transformed an old run down house into a tidy loving home for his family, almost single handedly, whilst raising two young children with the help of his partner.. and finding time somewhere in between to write poetry.. raw, passionate, intimate, intriguing, thought provoking poetry. A guy who carries a mostly unseen dilemma, of wanting to love life and everyone in it,but faces the struggle of finding ways to feel love for himself.. although he’s working on it, and he isn’t afraid to work!
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