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Description of the Book:

Dreams are made to be followed Life is meant to be lived Some books are meant to be read, loved, and passed on. Ethereal: Gift Of Life is one of those books. This gives glimpses; the journey of life, relatively relating, the essence of something never-ending. The beauty of those they see, the love they feel. The peace they want, the feelings that get lost, the past you think about, the future you worry about. Life is full of wonders. All they need is to smile and wait and enjoy the memories they created. The dream in their eyes, they wait to prove its existence, the journey of a lifetime.

Ethereal: Gift Of Life

  • Author's Name: Nilanjan Suklabaidya
    About the Author: Nilanjan Suklabaidya was born in Silchar, a city in the Barak Valley region, Assam engulfing the vast natural beauty of North-East, India. Cooking and eating all kinds of food is his drug. There is always space for some more food. He is someone empathic, always tries to help people, others before him. He likes to work out a lot, the gym is a second home to him. Likes his blank long walks. A computer professional exploring the dreams he wishes to fulfill. He writes in the night, thinking about the memories, moments, love, and inspiration from sunshine. The never-ending hope and his gut feeling is something you can always rely on. He is a wanderer.
    Book ISBN: 9781005752934


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