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Description of the Book:


"Etched Hearts" isn't just a collection of poems—it's a journey through the highs and lows of life, a journey every heart knows all too well. In these pages, you'll find the raw emotions we've all felt at some point: the loneliness, the struggle, the uncertainty. But woven within those lines is a quiet resilience, a reminder that even in our darkest moments, we're never truly alone. Because buried deep within each of us is a strength we might not always recognize—a strength that whispers, "You can get through this."

This book is about finding that strength, about realizing that healing isn't just something that happens to us—it's something we actively choose. Through the ups and downs, the tears and the triumphs, these poems are a gentle nudge to embrace our own power, to take those first steps toward healing, and to discover the incredible strength we carry within our own hearts.

"Etched Hearts" is an invitation to embrace our vulnerabilities, to celebrate our resilience, and to discover the radiant spark that illuminates our souls.

Etched Hearts

SKU: 9789360949273
  • Author's Name: Pallavi Kohli

    About the Author: Hey there! I'm Pallavi Kohli, a poet who loves exploring the ups and downs of life through words. My first poetry book, Etched Hearts, dives into all sorts of emotions and experiences, from love to loss and everything in between. I find inspiration in the little moments, whether it's a quiet walk in nature or a heartfelt conversation with family and friends. I pour those feelings into my poetry, hoping to connect with readers on a deeper level. I'm thrilled to finally share Etched Hearts with the world. It's been quite the journey, and I can't wait for you to join me in exploring its pages.
    Book ISBN: 9789360949273
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