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Description of the Book:

Life is a complex Journey a path with many twists and turns. Everyone is busy trying to reach the destination but Life is not about the destination, but the lessons and memories we gain and take with us. What one chooses to do with one’s life is up to oneself, but the Essence of Life itself remains the same this book is about the perspective I’ve gained on Life’s Essence from my own Journey, condensed into short but meaningful poems.

Essence of life

SKU: 9780016047312
  • Author Name: Swetha Udayasankar
    About the Author: Swetha is a TamilIndian extroverted introvert, a yettobe computer science engineer who loves to express herself through her drawings and writings. One day she came across a chance to express herself to the world and here you are reading her first book debut.
    Book ISBN: 9780016047312


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