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Description of the Book:

This book is a compilation of poems written as an escape from the reality. It contains the author's emotions, bit of nostalgia and some imaginative scenarios as her companions throughout her journey. Escapes, having a well rounded list of not only traditionally written poems but also some raw narratives from the author, will succeed in touching your hearts. Some tearjerking, some sweet, some dark, some hopeful, every piece leaving you with a thought to carry forward. Writing is a form of expressing her thoughts and emotions. It is an outlet of feelings unspoken, almost as if taking a portal towards relief and warmth and that portal is, now, this book. Hope you all like this book and hope it becomes your escape.


  • Author Name: Reshmika Dhannarapu
    About the Author: Reshmika Dhannarapu was born and raised in the city of Hyderabad. Being a Music lover and an avid reader, writing has always calmed her enthusiastic and always awake mind. She loves to jump on new opportunities and explore whatever she can like representing her city in statelevel women's softball tournament or being a coauthor in multiple anthologies while pursuing her bachelors in engineering. If she's not spending time with her Family and Friends, reading books or singing, you can find her gaming with her friends or bingewatching Asian Dramas. Her inspiration are her parents who work hard to give her and her sister a sense of direction and safety in life. You can find her on Instagram by following @_journals_by_resh_ .
    Book ISBN: 9786920020083


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