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Description of the book:

It is often in the lonesome and desolate points of life that we tend to reflect on life and its happenings. Written in the middle of a global pandemic, this book houses a collection of poems, that focus on people, places and things that have had a significant role in grooming me to become the person I am. As I try to rekindle some forgotten memoirs of my life, I hope the readers find lost pieces of themselves in here as they look through the reflections of my life experiences.

Bass-ically drumming by the sixth string: Care to sing along?

SKU: 9784975571734
  • Author's Name: Escandita Tewari
    About the Author: Escandita Tewari is a 19-year-old author from Nainital Uttarakhand. She has keen interests in poetry, music, photography, travel and the cosmos, and a large share of her work have references to the same. Growing up in a hill station, she has embedded nature as a critical influence on her literary career. She looks for ways to transcend her understanding of the vast cosmic symphony and the human moral existence. This book is her first-ever publication, and she tries to introspect on her life experiences and kindle them together as an anthology.
    Book ISBN: 9784975571734


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