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Description of the Book:


Equanimity is a reflection of an everyday inspiration.

Through this compilation, I aspire to find equanimity in the little things. As someone who believes in the power of a word, I see the value in stringing words that can connect emotions. A lot of what has transpired here is the result of my own observations and learnings along the way.

Some may seem insightful, while others may seem irrelevant, but to me it's been an inspiring journey to craft this together.

Equanimity - an inspiration

SKU: 9789363314405
  • Author's Name: Deepti Belliappa Ganapathy

    About the Author: Deepti Belliappa GanapathyA keeper of promises, with a smiling heart, Nurturing relations from the start.A cherished bearer of words every now and then,A journey with insights enriched to pen. Every equation has some charm for sure, Much to learn far and near.Life has much to offer for sure,Live, love laugh is the only cure.
    Book ISBN:9789363314405
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