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Description of the Book:

Eyes meet, smiles exchanged, tiny hearts emerging above heads, knots in the stomach. Cheesy much? This book is about love; the falling, the staying and eventually the breaking. Not in a particular order, but life perhaps? Live through the process again, smile, think, and cry. A book about the different versions of attraction, through the end of a perpetual amorist. “I've fallen in love with the idea of love, call me obnoxious but you’d just prove me right anyway.”

Epitome Of Attraction

  • Author Name: Nayonika Ahlawat
    About the Author: Nayonika Ahlawat is a young poet based in Delhi, India. Wrote her first poem in the 5th grade, and now writing is something which keeps her sane. She’s been published in a couple of anthologies, magazines, and this would be her very first book. Driven through her “humanly emotions”, words flow down her fingertips, making way to the paper, most of the times making sense. A vivid reader, with an excellent imaginary skills; perks of being an overthinker perhaps? Follow her Instagram at @tobetheyellow.


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