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Description of the Book:

A book that carries the poetic essence of spiritual love,
captures the beauty of union and separation,
incorporates the soul of bliss and pain.
A book created purely Through Your Love.

Epidemic Ruminations

SKU: 9784041991459
  • Author Name: Ayushi Parekh
    About the Author: Ayushi Parekh studied literature at Jamia Millia Islamia University. Her love for literature is quite natural as she has always lived among books, devouring some, swotting up few. She is a huge admirer of Rumi and Khalil Gibran. She calls them her inspiration in poetry. Having roots in Varanasi, she lives in Mumbai. When not writing or reading, one might find her taking a stroll around the city or sipping chai from Tapri.
    Book ISBN: 9784041991459


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