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Description of the Book :


Being from a medical background , though you may not find much association with poems. But literature, and poetry in specific has always kept me sane. Your favourite poetry always has a tinge of you. For me, poetry is liberation, comfort and also a harsh truth . I found solace in chaos while penning down these pieces, and I would be greatly touched, if you find it while reading them too. Happy reading.

Ephemeral and Eternal

  • Author's Name :  Dr. Suprava Biswal
    About the Author :  Hi, I am Suprava. I belong to a small town in Odisha. As of now, I am working as a doctor under Odisha permanent services. I am in middle of my post graduation preparation. This is my debut book. I was always fascinated by poems like ‘If’ by Rudyard Kipling , ‘Ozymandias’ by P.B. Shelly. If you are reading the book in your hand, and even if a single poem touched you, it would be so heartwarming for me. All the criticisms and suggestions of yours would be embraced with utmost pleasure, hoping to see you soon.
    Book ISBN :  9781005931230
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