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Description of the Book:

If you are a person who is into poetry, who doesn’t only glances but reads in between the line, who is in search of raw and pure emotions and looking for various themes based content then you are in hold of the perfect book. Each and every poetry consist a part of the author’s life, each of them has something real in it. If you are ready to go on a roller coaster ride of sentiments, then you are at right place. Happy reading!

Endless season

  • Author Name:  Namrata Das
    About the Author: Namrata Das, dwelling in Bengaluru since several years though is here all the way from Kolkata. Presently pursuing Information Science Engineering but by heart resides in poetry and stories. She is a very basic and simple girl believing in Karma. Travelling and reading attract her the most and she wishes to hold the power of reading minds. She goes bonkers about Korean culture, Korean dramas and K-pop. She is an Indian Air Force brat who is always immensely proud seeing her father in Indian Air Force uniform and is eternally inspired by her mom who is into teaching career. She is the only child of her parents studied in Kendriya Vidyalaya, with a dream to just make her parents proud. This is her very first anthology. Her journey of writing began since she was in tenth class. She was always into writing journal since her middle school, the way from school publication captain to publishing her own book for the first time was worth travelling for.
    Book ISBN: 9781005487010


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