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Description of the Book:


This book embraces a collection of lovely and intriguing poems. Words cascade into lines that will quiz your mind and heart, bearing the power to unleash emotions ranging from haunting existential crisis to passionate love. These poems are not just to be read, it's to be felt. You might be able to relate it to your everyday emotional rollercoaster.
So, I invite you to open your heart and experience the magic within these pages.

Enchanted Words - A Poetic Saga

SKU: 9789360943752
  • Author's Name: SreeKeerthi Suresh

    About the Author: Have you come across a saying that goes like... To live a fulfilling life one needs to embrace art. It's a way to create, express and relate in this hustling world. I guess I embarked on writing as my outlet. An outlet that showcases myself in other's eyes. I hope my writing is intriguing and helps build relatable perspectives. This is my first time publishing a book and I am delighted to spread my work into the world.
    Book ISBN: 9789360943752
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