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Description of the Book:


Book Description The Book, "Emotions, in times of emojis", is a collection of poems, capturing the essence of everyday Emotions. Over the routine of an IT job, the author has penned down various emotions, in times when we inherently use emojis for most of our expressions of feelings. In this collection, Jeevan has tried to capture a mix of Emotions, ranging over life's happenings, their instances, and thoughts. He was prepared to face them or not, he has tried to embrace them through his words and not emojis in this book. Jeevan hopes his work strikes a chord or two with every reader of this book.

Emotions, in times of emojis.

  • Author's Name: Jeevan Dadeppa
    About the Author: 
    Author’s Bio Jeevan Dadeppa, who is both an introvert and an extrovert. Raised as any typical Indian kid, was keen on observing things that happened around from a young age and a true example of a curious person in everything. Working as a Technology Analyst, for Infosys Ltd developed the habit of expressing his Emotions through his writing for the Literary Committee at his office. Jeevan believes that every moment that has caused a smile, a conversation, a thought is enough to be written about and inspired by it. Jeevan is curious himself as to where this habit of his leads into in the future and for now is humbled to present his first authorship of the book by the title "Emotions, in times of emojis."


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