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Description of the Book:

It's a collection of poems that include some of the enthralling elements of nature that inspire and give peace. An intimate journey through life's important aspects that we often forfeit owing to the fast paced life that all of us are used to in this era. Simple yet easily missed and overlooked but carry a tremendous influence once realised. It's about embracing various things in life including obstacles and challenges as they a serve a specific purpose in life. Learn to embrace and endure situations even if they aren't comfortable initially and find yourself embarking on to a journey that's devoid of anxiety and worry. Start seeing things in a fresh and different perspective to get the real essence. Sometimes just few encouraging words make a lot of difference and can bring back the lost smile. Most of it is the free verse poetry and a few like a spoken word. A couple of them are on touching topics of the prevailing social evils, according to me, that always fills people with anguish when heard about. And also about the game we all love and the pride of the nation have been included to add variety and not to limit the read to any particular category.


  • Author Name: Dr Naveena Nayakanti
    About the Author: I am a doctor by profession and reading is been a habit since childhood. I developed interest for literature during school days. I started writing poetry as a teenager which probably made less sense back then. I love nature and can write about all the elements in it and writing about burning current affairs is something that excites me. I was away from writing poetry for a while. And finally when I took break from my work I found my solace in poetry again. So I thought I would publish my new writings which cover various genres. Life in these days and these times needs hope, love and faith to make it count. And you will find them in simple things, you just need to look for them. I believe in doing things that give happiness and joy which can be found in simple things as well as challenging ones. Find your joy and life will feel feathery light as though you are flying.
    Book ISBN: 9781655035258


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