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"Embers of Empire: The Odyssey of the Kohinoor" is a captivating anthology of poetry that traces the tumultuous history of the world's most famous diamond. Through a tapestry of rich verse, the reader is transported across continents and through time, following Kohinoor's passage from the mines of India to the crowns of empires. Each poem is a facet reflecting the human desires, the bloodshed, the intrigue, and the majesty that this legendary gemstone has witnessed. The poets' voices, diverse in their cadence, unite to tell a story larger than the sum of its parts—a story of power, beauty, and the complex relationship between them. This collection is not just a tribute to the Kohinoor's journey, but also a reflection on the myriad journeys of those who have sought its allure.

Embers of Empire: The Odyssey of the Kohinoor

SKU: 9789360945084
  • Author's Name: Saanvi Bojamma K.M

    About the Author: Saanvi Bojamma K.M is a writer hailing from the verdant hills of Coorg, Karnataka, India. Saanvi finds solace and expression in the art of writing. Whether it's poetry or letters, she believes in the power of pen and paper to bring her innermost feelings and thoughts to life, more so than any conversation could. Her ambition and self-driven nature match her passion for transforming emotions into written words. Away from her literary pursuits, Saanvi is often immersed in music, exploring new art forms, delving into her curiosities, or simply reflecting on life's complexities. As she navigates her teenage years, she has come to appreciate the multifaceted beauty of life, the diversity of perspectives, and the profound impact of words. Saanvi as a writer loves to convert the world's whispers into a symphony of words.
    Book ISBN: 9789360945084
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