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Description of the Book:

Elysian means something that is beautiful or creative, divinely inspired and peaceful. This poetry
book will take you on the journey of love, changing seasons, broken stereotypes, and dreamy nights.
If you want to reflect on your thoughts and take a break from your everyday life for a while, these
poems will be a perfect way to sit back and relax. This poetry book will help you realize how even
small, seemingly insignificant things are beautiful in life. Dive into this journey of poems that will
truly provide you with contentment.


  • Author Name: Nikita Kojabe
    About the Author: Nikita Kojabe was born in the state of Maharashtra and grew up living in different cities, from the west to the far northeast. She loves being in nature and enjoying the little things in life. Nikita can usually be found reading a book, and that book will more likely than not be a thriller. Writing a poetry book was always on her bucket list. When not absorbed in the latest gripping pageturner, Nikita loves cooking, dancing to the latest tunes, and otherwise spends far too much time watching Anime. 'Elysian' is Nikita’s first poetry book.
    Book ISBN: 9781039558571


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