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Description of the Book:

eleven pm dissections is journey of growth, healing, love. the collection celebrates the freeing of the tongue and self, and the resilience within us. It's purposed to invigorate strength among sisters. It is love letter of sorts, with a encouraging embrace to those in need of a voice.

Eleven PM Dissections

  • Author's Name: Hiranya Nakandala
    About the Author: Hiranya Nakandala, A Sri Lankan born in the midst of tea plantation and the botanical gardens of peradeniya, is a freelance writer based in kelowna, british columbia. eleven pm discussions is her first collection of poetry. her pieces are reflective coalescence of her experiences throughout her upbringing, in the various communities and countries she was raised in. hiranya has lived in India (new delhi and chennai), nepal, england, and sri lanka before she moved to canada to pursue her education at york university in toronto, ontario. when she is not writing, hiranya can be found wandering through nature, journaling at a coffee shop and more recently, plant shopping. her love for plants has grown over the last year and her collection, quite possibly quadrupled. find her on the web at follow her on social media. instagram: hiiranyya


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