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Description of the Book:

Imagine if you could see the emotions you feel, it is a possibility if they are personified. From a pen of a writer, you can feel everything, you can see anything. We feel countless emotions, some simple, some complex. I saw the elements surrounding us could represent so many emotions we feel. Here, I bring my vision to you, to see and feel everything and anything.

Elements of Emotions

  • Author Name: Divyanshi Singh
    About the Author: Words take us to a place where people fail to. It is ironic words aren't the journey I only make. They can be tricky yet they can be very simple. The trick is to know what you feel, many more do, even if your story is different. I believe the words that trick you are the ones that uncomplicate things, so express however you feel fit. The balance of imaginary and reality gives poetry an interesting take. Hi, I am Divyanshi Singh, a writer, a poet believing in a humane society. Living a flash of future by the very thing that kept me going.
    Book ISBN: 9781007882813


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