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Description of the Book:


Elements is a collection of poems that detail different aspects of a disease known as "The Human Condition". Possible side effects may include; nausea, headache, depression, anxiety, a looming sense of dread, extreme joy, uncontrollable laughter, confusion, slight bleeding, insomnia, and overeating. If any of the poems contained within cause a severe sense of ennui or suicidal thoughts, please consult with a professional.

But seriously, each piece within this book is something sensitive. These poems are happy moments, breakdowns, anxiety and panic attacks, existential dread and some goofy distractions along the way. If you identify with any of the darker themes, don't be afraid to reach out. You are loved.


SKU: 9789360942298
  • Author's Name: Myah Gibney

    About the Author: Myah Gibney was born in Fremont, Nebraska. An avid reader as a child, Myah fell in love with novels and poetry-So much so, that she'd get in trouble for reading in the classroom. Inspired by fiction writing, she worked on small pieces, short stories that often followed a fantasy setting. As a freshman, however, she entered poetry competitions when urged by teachers, and published various poems in large collections along with other student authors across the country. From there, she went to college to become an English teacher, and her love of writing poetry never ceased. Elements is a testament to the experiences of life, both through the author's eyes, and the eyes of the characters she creates.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942298
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