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Description of the Book:


Colin Amber is a young man who lives in an estate at Petals with his grandfather. He is never allowed to move out since he was a child and this makes him more curious about the outside world. Colin has a goal of becoming the strongest sword wielder. His grandfather agrees to give him permission but also warns him about the outside dangers. Without wasting any more time, Colin gets on his bike Kronos, and drives out. Colin gets thirsty due to long journey when he comes across a mid-size down. The people living there starts gawking at Colin strangely. They start calling him monster, an Outcast and this takes Colin by surprise. He had no motive to harm anybody but town people starts attacking him with ax and sickle. A lady even tries to set him burn. Suddenly, a handsome young man disguised as a noble, comes and rescues Colin. He tosses him on his horse’s back and moves out of the town. In their journey, Klaus after answering to a lot of questions of Colin, decides to camp around a forest until sunrise. He orders sleepy Colin to wait for him till he brings some water. When he leaves, Colin hears some voices coming. It was an Eidolon, a ghoul who is made from consuming negative emotions of humans. His name was Yokubo. Colin finds a young girl ripped on his lap with blood flowing out of her wounds. It was the event when Colin encounters Cresa, a moon princess whose coronation gets attacked by Sun kingdom. Cresa with her divine sword starts attacking the ghoul but she fails to put any harm. She gets badly attacked when Colin activates his left eye and annihilates Yokubo from this animation. Next morning, Klaus requests Cresa to join their journey and she agrees. They move to Wissen-the city of education where they witness evil. They get to know about missing students. It was an Eidolon Kurma who was feeding of young minds. They destroy Kurma’s domain and kills him too. They end up witnessing Sirius, son of the sun god Solis. Colin gets to know about his parents, moon god Marama and shadow demon Umbra and how they got killed by gods, especially by Solis. As their journey process, they also find Klaus as the last scavenger alive and is servant to Sirius. Sirius was in search of eye of Chaos, an eye Colin was born with. Sirius comes victorious against Cresa and Colin; he destroys Misa, a mecha assigned to protect Colin. Sirius is seeking vengeance against heavens by killing all gods, even Solis. He almost succeeds in conquering three worlds but Colin attains the form of Chaos, one of three primordial, and defeats Sirius saving the fall of Heavens. After coming back to Petal, we find Klaus, Cresa, Misa and Colin saying goodbye to his grandfather. They were new age of Scavengers who are all set to annihilate ghouls from the land.

Eclipse and The Eye of Chaos

SKU: 9781005445423
  • Author Name : Sanket Fulzele
    About the Author : Author Shakyamuni Sanket is a doctor and is currently pursuing his post-graduation from TataInstitute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. He is a great fan of fantasy fiction. Since the day he gotintroduced to comic books and fiction stories as a child, he was always fascinated by all thosecharacters; those heroes and villains have always drawn him deep into their stories. Gradually, theJapanese manga and animations grabbed his attention. Moreover, since then, he has become agreat fan of Japanese anime. Science and mythology are the two attributes that have always excitedthe author to read and explore such stories. It is a small attempt of the author to make him jump outof his comfort zone. Becoming a doctor was all he wanted, but now he wants to achieve somethingmore from life. All he wants is to leave behind a legacy, and it is a small start to that journey.
    Book ISBN : 9781005445423


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