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Step into the poetic world of 'Echoes of Resilience.' This collection delicately weaves verses that echo the author's journey of recovery from diverse traumas. Each poem is a testament to survival, a lyrical exploration of enduring through life's trials. Through the verses, discover the profound realization that the author's time on this poetic journey wasn't yet complete. Family, friends, children, and the love of a lifetime emerge as poetic muses, inspiring verses that paint a canvas of strength, healing, and the resilient beauty of moving forward. 'Echoes of Resilience' invites you to find solace and inspiration in the rhythmic resilience of the human spirit.

Echos of Resilience

SKU: 9789360943448
  • Author's Name: Amanda Smith

    About the Author: Born and raised in Jacksonville, NC. In my life, my circle consists of my four amazing kiddos, the love of my life, my family and friends. My work is based on real life experiences that I feel can touch those who have been in similar situations. Nobody should ever think that their trauma defines them. Your trauma is merely a chapter, but your healing, whether it be time, prayer or the people in your corner- is your story.
    Book ISBN: 9789360943448
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