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Description of the Book:


Embark on a profound journey through the intricate landscapes of the human heart with 'Echoes of the Soul', a captivating collection of poetry that delves deep into the essence of human experience.
Within this mesmerizing compilation, the writer explores themes of love, hope, and longing, weaving together poignant verses that resonate with profound insight and mesmerizing moments. Each poem serves as a window into the depths of the human experience, offering glimpses into the joys and sorrows, triumphs and tribulations that shape our lives.
From the depths of despair to the warmth of love's embrace, every verse within 'Echoes of the Soul' holds something meaningful for every heart to cherish. Through lyrical language and evocative imagery, the poet captures the universal truths that bind us all, inviting readers to reflect on their own journey through life.
With 'Echoes of the Soul', the author extends an invitation to embark on a soul-stirring exploration of the human condition, reminding us that amidst the chaos of existence, there is beauty to be found in every moment.

Echoes of the Soul

SKU: 9789360945374
  • Author's Name: Tehreen Shaikh

    About the Author: Tehreen Rizwan Shaikh is a wandering soul, born and brought up in Mumbai. Tehreen is an artist and trekking enthusiast, she finds solace in the beauty of nature. Tehreen also loves cycling and sketches some diverse artworks, her passion for music adds melody to her life. Furthermore, she also enjoys playing sports. Tehreen went to St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai and MSU, Gujarat for her studies. She likes to scribble in her book in her free time, penning down stories or poems. Echoes of the Soul is her debut novel.
    Book ISBN: 9789360945374
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