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Description of the Book:


Writing was like a solace and an escape as a person whose mind seldom quiets down, a heart that strives to be understood and a soul that is way too curious. This book is the canvas upon which my thoughts are painted. Every whisp of emotion and each lick of feelings I could not contain within me are written down on these pages. My heart is like a guitar whose strings are tugged on by fate's skilled fingers, and each of these lines are the songs that were produced. These shall be the Echoes of my Soul that shall be resonated across hearts and minds alike.

Echoes of my Soul

SKU: 9789360942649
  • Author's Name: Anna Maria Jee

    About the Author: Anna Maria Jee is an aspiring poet. She is an ardent reader and a lover of fiction. She was born in Thrissur, Kerala, India on the 21st of September 2004. She strives to pour her heart through her works and let people going through similar situations know that they are not alone. This book that you are now holding is her very first step into the world of publishing. Each page is painted with the colours of her heart and the whispers of her soul. She is the second of three daughters in a nuclear family and is currently pursuing her bachelors at The English and Foreign Language University, India.
    Book ISBN: 9789360942649
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