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In "Echoes of Existence," immerse yourself in a poetic journey that transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary. Through a collection of verses, this book unveils the magic hidden within life's mundane moments and emotional journeys.

Savour the essence of the everyday as these heartfelt poems invite you to rediscover the joy in simple pleasures – from the aroma of morning coffee to the peace found within the pages of a book. Inspired by ordinary moments from the writer’s life, these verses resonate with the ebbs and flows that define our existence.

With each line, "Echoes of Existence" captures the beauty and depth of life, reminding us that even the most commonplace experiences can hold profound meaning. This collection serves as a poignant reminder to seek out the moments of enchantment nestled within the routine of life. Prepare to smile, reminisce, and appreciate the little things that truly make life extraordinary.

Echoes of Existence

SKU: 9789360946081
  • Author's Name: Ritika Das

    About the Author: Ritika Das is passionate about personal growth, well-being and work-life balance and has spent considerable time researching and writing on these topics. Her writing has majorly been showcased through her personal blog where she writes under her alias “Readably Yours.” In addition to being a blogger, Ritika is also a book enthusiast, and you will always find her with a beloved book tucked under her arm. Professionally, she works in business consulting with a continued focus on curating more people and culture-centric ideas. Ritika's unique perspective on well-being and purposeful living shines through in her current writing. Through “Echoes of Existence,” she strives to emphasize on the mundane and simplistic things in life that we usually overlook. She believes that we can find joy in the common and her poetry attempts to unmask those areas of our life that hold the key to a happy well-being. Connect with Ritika on Instagram at @readablyours or her website ( to learn more about her work and stay updated on upcoming projects.
    Book ISBN: 9789360946081
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