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Description of the Book :


The Echo of Thoughts is a collection of poems felt through the heart. Sushmita Kulkarni delivers a strong connection with emotions through this book. Each work of poetry is unique and takes you through a different journey. It is a compilation of feelings that everyone would have experienced at some point. Filled with incredible poems Echo of Thoughts is a remarkable collection that can be shared by all to experience joy, love, happiness and a bit of intense in the moment and to ultimately feel it through the soul even when the words seem to be done.


Echo of Thoughts

  • Author Name : Sushmita Kulkarni

    About the Author : As a designer, Sushmita Kulkarni has always been inclined towards creativity. Growing up in the heart of India i.e. Bombay she was surrounded with family. It was later that she decided she wanted to explore the outside and moved to Australia. There she did a double masters from Queensland University of Technology in Creative Advertising and Marketing. She is a freelance Designer, Doodler, Calligraphy and Street artist. Being an avid reader and artist, she loves to express her thoughts through writing and doodling. In her pass time she loves playing guitar.

    Book ISBN : 9781005809195


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