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Description of the Book:

A compilation of thoughts interweaved with emotions and put forth in the form of poetry.

Poetry is a beautiful form of expression. It allows one to bear their heart and share their joys and sorrows without having to spell it out directly. It is often a reflection of emotional vulnerability.

Echo In The Wind

  • Author Name: Afiyah Kauthar
    About the Author: Hey, I'm Afiyah. I've always wanted to express, educate and enlighten. From a very young age I've found myself getting excited to share whatever I've learnt with my friends and family. Over time I started to express myself through short narrative poetry, which later evolved to short stories. Now, I try to explore various genres of writing. I've written and published a book called 'All the World's A Stage'. I believe every piece of writing, regardless of the length, has plenty to tell us and teach us. My greatest inspirations as a writer are Rick Riordan and Enid Blyton.
    Book ISBN: 9784479123019


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