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Description of the Book:

"Within the deep recesses of our minds
There lies great genius and great fool
Within the deepest recesses of our minds
There lies great evil and great divine"
Tapping into the recesses of our minds, lets navigate the Ebb & Flow of our lives.
Random, chaotic and beautiful as life can get, Ebb & Flow, is a story told in multiple verses and many in-between lines. Of Life, death, a celebration of true innocence, pangs of lost love, and everything in between. This collection can be seen as an effort to come to terms with everything, through poems.
Sometimes it's awe, sometimes it's pain, sometimes it's pure love, sometimes it's a simple truth, this collection of poems is a random assortment of all tastes, smells, colours and hues.

Ebb & Flow

  • Author Name: Laasya Kannepalli
    About the Author: Growing up in a city like Hyderabad, made Laasya an incurable romantic, language, history, art, culture and environmental enthusiast. She fell in love with the written word pretty early on in her life and it's a love affair of a lifetime. Crazy for words, verses and all kinds of stories, Laasya loves writing, reading and basically living in a fantasy. Her pet peeve is to step into others' shoes and view the world through their lens. Currently, she is working as a copywriter and brands storyteller. She wishes and hopes to make a positive impact on people around her through her words, both professionally and personally.


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