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Description of the Book:


To any reader, a book is a guide and with this book, I hope to share a voice that lives within each and every human being. We speak the language of love. This book makes a heartfelt effort of invocating that love – of, for and towards nature, life and the environment. It captures the emotions of a teenager for her home, the wonderful planet Earth as she sees it being ambushed, abused, and attacked. I hope to take you from the wealth of the past to the urgency that the present day demands. There is hope – for a better and brighter future should we strive to change.

Earth A damsel in distress

SKU: 9789360944995
  • Author's Name: Madhulika Mandavilli

    About the Author: Madhulika Mandavilli is an aspiring biologist who has recently shed the skin of a high schooler. She is also an avid reader – everything from the cell to the shell interests her. As an ardent environmentalist, she has discovered a powerful potion: Dollops of art and gallops of poetry. She employs these devices as she treads along in her journey to raise environmental awareness, compassion for every living being and an honest effort to elicit the beauty that the Earth truly represents. When she is not actively involved in her mission, she finds herself engaged in documentaries or enveloped by manga.
    Book ISBN: 9789360944995
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