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Description of the Book:

Oscillating between dreamscapes and gravity, this poetry collection evokes the constant stepping in and out from dreaming to being awake. The first part: What are dreams made of? is inspired by the poet’s personal dreams, observing their inner kinesiology that evolves via a sense of random navigation, enhanced web-ness, and drifting into space/time curvature. The second part Landing in the Age of Gravity comes back into the repetitive and linear pace of the every-day gravitational rhythm opposing and completing the dream movement.

Drift in Lyrics

  • Author Name: Sofia Kaloterakis
    About the Author: Sofia Kaloterakis (1995) is a researcher, writer and poet based in the Netherlands mainly working with science-fiction and experimental poetry formats. She graduated from the RMA program Media Arts and Performance studies at Utrecht University. She is interested in fictional universes, philosophy of science and any type of performative exploration of language and poetics. She has published short stories, poetry and also articles and papers on media art.


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