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Description of the Book:

If you were a woman, finding your feet in this rather patriarchal world, with some words to sing, pain to share and the wit to grin at the ironies of love and life, what would you do ?
It is at this intersection that this collection of poems ‘Dotted Lines’ finds itself unravelling. The lines are dotted, sometimes curvy, sometimes straight, sometimes faint and at other times bold much like the conversations you have with your self in the most vulnerable moments of love and loss. Dotted lines is a welcome to some deep moments of connection with the poet, whose words are written to question, connect and leave you with dotted lines.

Dotted lines

  • Author Name: Shivaranjani Ramasubramaniyan
    About the Author: Shivaranjani identifies herself as an ardent explorer of self inquiry and gender, she believes in creating an equitable world for everyone. Balancing the worlds of being a social entrepreneur and musician, gives her the opportunity to explore her passions infinitely. Her firm belief in the potential of women and their dreams takes her to work with rural women in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. A romantic at heart, chai and nature lover and a notsosecret dancer to the tune of her own music, words and sounds of the ukulele. 
    Book ISBN: 9784896587975


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