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Description of the Book:


Embark on a suspenseful journey with Ananya in "Do I Get To Make You Mine?" as she escapes the monotony of her life as a doctor in Bangalore for a thrilling adventure in Goa. Amidst the allure of the beach, Ananya encounters Rahul, a mysterious lifeguard whose enigmatic artwork hints at a hidden darkness.
Their passionate romance takes an unexpected turn when Rahul vanishes, leaving Ananya shattered. As she grapples with heartbreak, a shocking twist of fate ensnares her in a dangerous game of deception and betrayal.
With every turn of the page, "Do I Get to Make You Mine?" keeps readers on the edge, unravelling a gripping tale of love, loss, and suspense that will leave them guessing until the very end.


SKU: 9789363313514
  • Author's Name: Dr. PRATIK PRAVIN BHAT

    About the Author: Dr. Pratik Bhat is a dedicated healer and a passionate poet. With a background in medicine, including an MBBS and an MD in Pathology, Dr. Bhat serves as a Consultant Pathologist at Goa Medical College, where his expertise shines brightly.Beyond the corridors of the hospital, Dr. Bhat is affectionately known as "The Dark Poet" among his close circle. His second poetry book, "Do I Get to Make You Mine?" showcases the gripping tale of Ananya's quest for freedom as she navigates love, loss, and betrayal in Goa and Bangalore, confronting darkness and seeking redemption.When he's not immersed in the world of medicine or crafting verses, Dr. Bhat finds solace in the pages of books and the exploration of new places. His journey reminds us that even amidst the rigors of science, there exists a poetic soul yearning to express the intricacies of the human experience.
    Book ISBN: 9789363313514
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