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Description of the Book:

This book encompasses the entirety of what is described as my personal psyche. Touching others in places that have seen few faces. The crevices of my soul, as I’ve journeyed into becoming whole.

Divine Ensemble

  • Author's Name: D’Latra L. Anderson
    About the Author: D’Latra is a creative academic entrepreneur. She enjoys teaching children professionally, but also offers her creative expertise to anyone that has time to engage. Having been influenced by the late Maya Angelou, D’Latra has grown her love for poetry into one of her greatest outlets. She believes that poetry is the language of the soul, translated by God; the Divine. D’Latra has been recognized locally throughout her academic and professional endeavors, for her artistic and social contributions. She spends her time studying new ways to unlock creativity and self realization, in hopes of spreading inspiration to those that need it most. “Everyone has a story”, is her philosophy, that she adopted in order to understand her own hardships, and to extend that same understanding and grace to others.
    Book ISBN: 9781005678784


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