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Description of the Book:

Have you ever read an amazing book or watched a drama that you would willingly write about and give your aspects about it? This book provides a description of a recent drama I recently watched as well as some contents written in the novel of that same drama in poems format that would make it easier for the fans and friends to understand why I love the drama so much. The poems in this book is a representation of my viewing of the recent drama called “Word of Honor”, it made a deep impact that I have not let it go even until now I am still holding to it. As most of the fellow fans have said “We cannot go down the mountain.” As we have all hold this deep into our hearts and never let it go.

Distant Waterway

  • Author's Name: Zhao Ning
    About the Author: I am currently a barista at a cafe I have been working for the past 6 years, but I have been in the hospitality industry for 10 years and more. But inside of me, I have always wanted to be an author as I like the way some writers write their stories or poems. This challenge has made me even sure that this is something I would love to do while still working as it is a mechanism for me to distress from the work that I usually do, and writing makes me feel safe and encourage me to put my voice out there even though most of the stuff I write is just stories. Recently, after writing this book, I watched a live Instagram and one of the actors I follow – had a great statement he wrote on his post a few days after the live – “Believe in YOURSELF. There is no better you than you! YOU MATTER!” The statement was more focus on Pride Month of 2021, but the statement has given me strength and courage on what I want to be not what people want me to be. So, writing this book has made me realised how much I want this.


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