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Description of the Book : 


Distant Musings is a collection of poems that explore the many emotions and ideals of love. It shows how exciting love can be, yet how ugly love can get. People tend to make love a very complex experience and Distant musings is a bunch of poetic ramblings that project how many individuals' interactions with love unfolds. Distant musings is also a testament of how one can find love, even if it’s miles apart.

Distant Musings


    Author Name : Thee Byrianna G.
    About the Author : Thee Byrianna G. was born 1996, in Bridgeton, New Jersey. Byrianna’s love for reading and writing stems from the multiple books her father gifted her on birthdays, and the trips to the local library he took her on. However, her love for poetry came later on in life. It wasn’t until after participating in her middle school’s poetry contest that she developed a relationship with poetry. Byrianna went to study media production and creative writing at Stockton University. She enjoys all channels of storytelling and plans on getting her hands on every part of it. When not busy in a world of words, Byrianna loves spending time with her family, church family, and close friends. Distant Musings is Byrianna’s first poetry book. She hopes each reader can identify with a piece of this poetic journey she embarked on.
    Book ISBN :  9781005761844


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