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Description of the book:


“We’re all victims of loneliness, of one kind or the other, hoping to be salvaged from the rubbles of the crowd at hands of love.” Have you ever felt overcome with emotions that you knew was some amalgamation of love, hate, sad & happy but couldn’t express it? Have you ever found yourself in positions where you couldn’t feel what you wished you would feel? Have you ever felt that keeping people at a distance and not engaging in dialogue was the only way to shield yourself from unexpected and probably overpowering emotions? Have you ever found yourself losing people because you couldn’t break down your walls? Have you ever felt questioned, judged, doubted upon and/or misunderstood by the people you least expected? Have you ever felt but then chosen not to? Let a pessimistic sociopath, possibly also alexithymic, answer these questions for you, based upon his personal experiences. Sanchit Kushwaha’s works aim to provide you with satin sheets of optimism to wrap around yourself for the nights when emotional turmoil would leave your body, naked and your soul, cold.

disiecti membra poetae

  • Author Name : Sanchit Kushwaha
    About the Author : Sanchit Kushwaha is currently a student and is pursuing a career in medical sciences. He grew up in Uttar Pradesh, India. He has been writing since 2016 and his works have been published on multiple blogs online. He has been garnering praise for his works from readers of all ages and multiple countries. As recently as May 2021, he has been awarded the designation of being one of ‘’Top 100 poets of India’’ by Super7, the highest-rated online contest organizer on Google. Furthermore, in June 2021, the team of ‘Words to Glory’, have recognized him as being in the top 1% of India’s budding poets, after scrutinizing 5,69,732 writers. Apart from writing, he is also an abstract sketch artist and is an avid reader.


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